Message from the Chairman

It all started with a vision to serve the Filipinos by continuously improving their quality of life, from its very beginning to its inevitable end.

Thus our founder, my father, Amb. Antonio L. Cabangon Chua began establishing companies in different industries that cater to the various needs of our countrymen.

From media to pre-need, insurance, banking and finance, to automotive, education, real estate, and security, there is an ALC company that can give you the quality product and excellent service that you need.

Today the ALC Group of Companies continues to grow in number of member companies and manpower as we work towards the fulfillment of our founder’s vision. These companies are working in synergy and thrive to be the best in their industry to ensure that we only provide the best for our valued consumers.

Through this website you will get an overview of the companies that make up the ALC Group. Likewise, this website demonstrates how these companies are intertwined and complement each other’s function. It is also designed to give our clients and the public the latest updates on our member companies.

Creating this website is just one of the steps that the ALC Group is taking towards becoming more digitally competitive. As we move forward, expect us to continue upgrading our digital platforms in order to serve our clientele better.

Welcome to the official website of the ALC Group, and we hope you enjoy your stay.